This letter first appeared in the Greeley Tribune

I am a health insurance broker and financial advisor in Weld County. I have worked closely with Perry Buck in her role as a state legislator.

Perry has a passion for small business owners. She provides them with critical services for their employees. I have witnessed Perry’s skill as a legislator in passing critical healthcare legislation to help contain costs associated with employer health plans and at the same time, provide more choices for receiving care.

In 2017, Perry successfully sponsored the primary care legislation that secured a new model for delivering medical services in Colorado otherwise referred to as Direct Primary Care. Individual patients or employer groups can now pay one low monthly fee to a doctor’s office and get primary care when they need it.

Patients typically receive same day care, access to telehealth if necessary or more convenient, more face time with their physician, and are moved toward overall improved health rather than simply treating conditions. Practitioners benefit by having a stable cash flow and avoid filing claims with insurance companies or government agencies.

Colorado is now home to ten percent of the direct primary care clinics in the country. As a pioneer in this area, Perry’s work has impacted the delivery of medical services across America.

Perry Buck works hard and is smart. She gets along well with people and finds common ground to get things done.

I have a business to run and I don’t appreciate politicians who have petty and uncooperative attitudes. I want to thank Perry for the positive contributions she has made in the legislature and to our great State.

Scott Rankin, Greeley