Prosperity in Weld County
I will promote Economic Prosperity in Weld County.
Good Paying Jobs & Good Benefits in Weld County
I will support good paying jobs with good benefits.
Fight CO Legislature on Picking Winners & Losers
I will fight against the Legislature when it comes to "one size fits all" and Government picking winners and losers.
Protect Oil, Gas & all Reasonable Forms of Energy
I will fight to protect oil and gas and support all reasonable forms of energy without burdening taxpayers with subsidies or government picking winners and losers.
Protect & Defend the Constitution
I will protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.
Defend our 2nd Amendment rights
I will defend our 2nd Amendment rights.
Tirelessly Protect Life.
I will work tirelessly to protect life.
private property rights
I will fight for private property rights.
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Perry Buck is a principled Leader and staunch Republican.

Perry Buck is a third-generation Weld County native. She learned the importance of community service from her father who served Weld County as both a county commissioner and state representative.   In November of 2012, Perry was elected Representative for House District 49. She currently is serving her fourth and last term.

Now, Perry brings her wealth of knowledge and experience back to her home county.

Elect Perry Buck to the Weld County Board of Commissioners.

Perry Buck Candidate for Weld County Commissioner