This letter originally appeared in the Greeley Tribune.

Sean Conway: Perry Buck leads by her actions, not just her words

As a former Weld County Commissioner who has worked with State Representative Perry Buck over the last decade on several important Weld County issues, I strongly support Perry Buck for Weld County Commissioner At-Large in the June 30 Republican Primary.

Perry Buck has been a leader, not a talker, on the important issues facing working families in Weld County. Over the past eight years in the Colorado State House, representing Weld County, she has led the fight to ensure our state roads like Interstate 25, U.S. Highway 34 and U.S. Highway 85 received critical state funding from CDOT.

Perry Buck has been a guardian of the taxpayer, leading the fight to keep TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights), making sure Weld County families have kept more of their hard earned money in their pockets. A true fiscal conservative, she has received numerous awards from the Colorado Taxpayers Union for her tireless efforts to protect Taxpayers.

Perry also has been a leader in helping bring jobs to Weld County, first by serving former Governor Bill Owens in his office of Small Business Development and secondly by getting numerous pro-business bills at the State Capitol passed and signed into law. Her efforts have been recognized by the Northern Colorado Legislative Association (NCLA) and local Chamber of Commerces.

Perry Buck is someone who walks the walk not just talks the talk. I encourage everyone to look at her very impressive record and vote for Perry Buck for Weld County. Commissioner At-large.

Sean Conway, Weld County Commissioner 2009-2020