This letter first appeared in the Greeley Tribune.

Dear Editor,

As past President of the Colorado Medical Society and past President of the Colorado Academy of Family Physicians I had the honor of working with Colorado Representative Perry Buck on the landmark legislation, HB15-1029, which authorized telehealth services in Colorado. As the sponsor of the telehealth bill, Perry successfully gathered support from both sides of the aisle, made convincing presentations in committee and persuasive arguments on the House floor.

The telehealth bill was important in Colorado because it allowed doctors to perform medical services by telephone, face time, skype and other virtual means. Telehealth was initially designed to help rural residents receive top quality medical care without being forced to leave their communities. The benefits have been enormous in Colorado. A serious concern with the outbreak of COVID-19 is having patients going to an emergency room or a doctor’s office and possibly infect other people. Telehealth has allowed medical practitioners to address this concern by diagnosing and directing treatment without inconveniencing patients or risking the further infection of others.

Perry Buck has been an excellent advocate for rural healthcare in Colorado. Weld County has benefitted enormously from Perry’s passion, insight and experience.

John Bender, M.D.