Barb Kirkmeyer – State Senator and former Weld County Commissioner District 3

Commissioner Perry Buck has been steadfast in her commitment to lower property taxes and keep Weld County debt-free. 
Perry understands the job, has done the work, and has a proven record of keeping government in-check! She is the leader Weld County needs – she is our champion.

Steve Reams – Weld County Sheriff

Perry truly cares about her constituents and always tries to make the best decision for the citizens of Weld County .

Zo Stieber Hubbard – Mayor, City of Fort Lupton

Commissioner Perry (Webster) Buck has served Colorado and Weld County for decades; having held both State and County elected offices, as well as involvement in numerous civic and nonprofit groups.
Skills honed while earning her university degree have blessed her with her signature pleasant and clear communication approach. Her broad understanding of economic needs is an immediate benefit to our towns and cities where bureaucracy sometimes confuses issues.
A staunch conservative who doesn’t compromise her core values, Perry’s enthusiasm and genuine joy in working with Weld residents is evident the moment you share your first smile with her.
Her financial acumen has helped Weld County maintain its marvelous fiscal position. Intelligent, insightful, intuitive and loyal, her Christian core has been a guiding light and grace.
Perry attends both official county meetings and appears at functions throughout Weld where she nearly always knows a great many of our citizens and the animals they raise.
It pleases me to endorse her re-election campaign and invite every voter in Weld County to join me in supporting her endeavors.

Butch White – Mayor, Town of Ault

Perry is a fighter.  She listens, solves problems and has always been in Ault’s corner.

Scott Moser – Mayor, Town of Eaton

I intend to vote for Perry for Weld County Commissioner At Large.  I have worked with Ms. Buck to help make Weld a better place and I have always appreciated her honesty and integrity.   Her proven experience as a Commissioner and her commitment to the Ag community are very valuable to the people of Weld.  We need her conservative leadership and strength at a time when the world seems upside down.

Don Conyac -Mayor, Town of Firestone

I have known Perry for over 6 years. In that time, I have gotten to know her well. To start
with, she is a very nice person who is easy to approach and genuinely cares about
She listens intently and makes a person feel like they have had the concerns heard.
Perry is well known in the county. If someone needs connected to get help with
whatever they are trying to accomplish, she will be one to get it done. She is also an
experienced commissioner who knows how processes work in Weld County. That
experience is invaluable.
I am gladly endorsing Perry Buck for Weld County Commissioner.

Michael Cowper – Mayor, Town of Platteville

Perry Buck has given great service and representation to the citizens of Weld county for years.
She is a person of high integrity and a strong work ethic. I fully endorse her for Weld County Commissioner.
I am confident she will continue her high level of service and dedication to the citizens of Weld County,

Colleen Whitlow – Mayor, Town of Mead

I am thrilled to wholeheartedly endorse Perry Buck for reelection as a Weld County Commissioner. Perry embodies the epitome of strong leadership, unwavering dedication, and a deep-rooted commitment to the people of Weld County. With her exceptional ability to foster collaboration, uphold fiscal responsibility, and prioritize the needs of the community, Perry has consistently proven herself as an invaluable asset to our county.

Her resolute advocacy for ‘We the People’ of Weld County is unmatched, as she tirelessly champions our voices and concerns with passion and integrity. Perry’s unwavering commitment to thorough research and thoughtful consideration ensures that every decision she makes is grounded in the best interests of our community.

In Perry Buck, Weld County has a true champion who embodies the values of transparency, accountability, and service. I am confident that her continued leadership will propel Weld County to even greater heights. Perry Buck is not just what Weld County needs – she is the leader we deserve.

Troy Mellon – Former Mayor, Town of Johnstown

Perry Buck is one of the most thoughtful and intelligent leaders that you will ever meet.  Her factual consideration of important issues is an important consideration for selecting a leader, not one prone to knee jerk decisions.  Her unwavering commitment to do what is morally right makes her my choice to remain a Weld County Commissioner.

Adam Morehead - Mayor, Town of Dacono
Mark Clark - Mayor, City of Evans
John Gates - Mayor, City of Greeley
Andy Martinez - Mayor, Town of LaSalle
Adrienne Sandoval - Former Mayor, Town of Platteville
Adam Turk - Greeley, Member of Law Enforcement
Paul Rennemeyer - Former Mayor, Town of Windsor
Matt Fries - Mayor, Town of Severance