Perry Buck and Steve Reams

Steve Reams, Weld County Sheriff:

Perry Buck is a champion for the Second Amendment.  I know she will fight for our gun rights because she’s done just that for the last eight years as a State Representative. I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Perry over the years, and I know she will always put the people of Weld County and the Constitution first!  Unlike many politicians who merely say they support gun rights; Perry has a REAL record of fighting for our gun rights.

John Cooke, Colorado State Senator and former Weld County Sheriff:

As the Weld County Sheriff and as a Colorado State Senator representing Weld County I worked closely with Perry Buck. Perry is a champion for our 2nd Amendment rights and I proudly endorse her for Weld County Commissioner.

Colonel Mark V. Trostel, Chief of the Colorado State Patrol 2003-2009:

As a 32 year veteran of law enforcement and retired member of the Colorado State Patrol (1979-2009) I have strongly supported the 2nd Amendment and value those elected officials who have been unwavering in their support of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. For this reason, I highly value Perry Buck for her support of the 2nd Amendment throughout her terms as a Colorado Legislator. As a Weld County native from Fort Lupton, I continue to support Perry Buck for Weld County Commissioner because Perry Buck has the strongest record possible in support of our 2nd Amendment Rights.


Endorsed by Rocky Mountain Gun Owners PAC:

“Perry Buck is a rock-solid supporter of the Second Amendment.  RMGO members know they can trust Perry Buck to fight for the Constitution and defend their gun rights.  Perry’s commitment to fighting for our gun rights is why she’s earned my support and the endorsement of RMGO’s PAC.

All gun owners and gun rights supporters in Weld County should vote for Perry Buck for Weld County Commissioner at Large.”


  • Perry sponsored legislation repealing the prohibition of magazines over fourteen rounds. (HB20-1099) This legislation would have repealed HB13-1224, which Perry also voted against.
  • Perry voted against the Red Flag Law HB19-1177 and supports Sheriff Reams efforts to repeal that law as an unconstitutional violation of an individual’s due process rights.
  • Perry sponsored legislation to allow active duty military personnel in Colorado to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. (HB16-1179) This bill would have allowed military personnel to defend themselves from an attack, like the attack against soldiers and marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee the prior year.
  • Perry opposed legislation substantially increasing the cost to a gun buyer for CBI to perform a background check (HB13-1228). Perry believes it is unfair for the government to use an excessive fee for a required service to prevent an individual from exercising his or her constitutional rights.
  • Perry opposed legislation that would have eliminated the authority of a concealed handgun permit holder from possessing a handgun on a college campus. (HB13-1226)

Perry has a real record of fighting for our Second Amendment rights

Bill #Bill TitleBill DescriptionPerry's Vote
HB13-1224Prohibiting Large Capacity Ammunition MagazinesProhibits transfer, possession or sale of a large capacity (15 rounds) magazine.NO
HB13-1226No Concealed Carry at CollegesEliminates authority of a concealed handgun permit holder to possess a handgun on a college campus.NO
HB13-1228Payment for Background Checks for Gun TransfersRequires CBI to recoup the cost of performing a criminal background check.NO
HB13-1229Background Checks for Gun TransfersRequires a background check to transfer possession of a firearm.NO
HB13-1085Change Possession of Weapon by Previous OffenderRestores Second Amendment rights for some non-violent offenders.Sponsor
HB14-135Repeal Firearms Purchases in Contiguous StatesRepeals restrictions in state law relating to the purchase and sale of rifles and shotguns in non-contiguous states and permits the purchase and sale of firearms in states not bordering Colorado by both residents and non-residents.Yes
HB14-1230Restoration of Firearm Carry Right for Some FelonsRestores Second Amendment rights for some non-violent offenders.Sponsor
HB16-1179Concealed Carry for Military PersonnelAllows carrying a concealed weapon by active duty military without a permit.Sponsor
SB17-008Legalize Gravity Knifes and SwitchbladesLegalizes the possession of a gravity knife or switchblade by removing them from the definition of illegal weapon.YES
HB19-1177Extreme Risk Protection OrdersRed flag law.NO
HB-20-1099Repeal Magazine Ammunition ProhibitionRepeal HB13-1224 prohibiting high capacity magazinesSponsor