This letter originally appeared in the Greeley Tribune.

Folks it is no secret that our beloved Weld County is in serious trouble. Starting with the economic crush coming from our declining oil revenues, to the post COVID-19 era of struggling Weld County capitalists and business owners, Weld County needs sincere, transparent and trustworthy leadership, NOW more than ever in its history.

We have a choice for new leadership with our Weld County Commissioners.

We have proven leaders who are proven activists for the public good in Kristie Melendez and Perry Buck. I’ve personally known Kristie my entire life and have never witnessed anything but honesty, courage, and integrity.

As Mayor of Windsor, Kristie Melendez kept her promises to support the business community while making sure police, fire and community facilities were best in class. Windsor has been named safest city in Colorado many times under her watch and there is a reason: she cares, she listens, and she is not one to be submissive to cronyism and underground lobby pressure.

Kristie Melendez is a proven leader for the greater good and we need her now to be our Weld County Commissioner for District 1.

Perry Buck is the same. She represents our core values vigorously at the state. She has courage to defend us and the intelligence to be considered a great decision maker.

She is not beholden to the “good ole boys (and girls)” network currently in power at Weld County. Perry Buck is Proven.

Let’s all be honest — we, the proud Weld County residents, are sick and tired of being embarrassed and humiliated by the backstabbing and infighting that goes on at the Weld County Commissioner level. Not to mention the covert meetings and cronyism that produces the decisions that impact us all negatively, while enriching and benefiting the very few.

The current incumbents have mishandled and embarrassed us all with everything from the COVID-19 response, where they chose not to even consult with our industry leaders in health before they adopted “safer at work” policies (which was a total backfire and just insulted the state government), to chasing away the Weld County health director in the middle of a health crisis! Is this the leadership we are proud of in Weld County?

The Weld County Commissioner incumbents went so far this winter as to kill a giant Windsor project without even a notice to the applicants or Windsor officials. They spend millions on highways in eastern Weld County that enrich their personal property holdings all the while ignoring the true traffic infrastructure issues in western Weld county.

If you live in Windsor, Eaton, Johnstown, Milliken, Erie, Fredrick, or Firestone, have you seen county investment? I know you’re paying your taxes, but are you being respected?

Weld County needs leadership that will be for all the people, not just the insider group. Kristie Melendez and Perry Buck will give us the honest leadership Weld County deserves.

Let’s boot the incumbents and stop the embarrassment. Let’s get back to honest representation for all Weld County.

Please vote for these Proven Leaders Kristie Melendez and Perry Buck.

Martin Lind, President, Water Valley Land Company