This letter originally appeared in the Greeley Tribune.

Barry Goldsmith: We need a breath of fresh air

Breath of Fresh Air. New Majority. Three Women to Give Much Needed Change of Direction for Weld County Board.

Perry Buck was an outstanding State Representative and Minority Whip in the legislature. She was called a true Leader by her colleague Representative Sonnenberg right here in the Greeley Tribune.

Lori Saine, who herself was an outstanding State Rep., carved out a great career passing some great bills as a member of the minority. Krysti Melendez was the mayor of Windsor who presided over the orderly expansion of Weld’s second great metropolis.

You need only know about the illegal closed meeting in the middle of the COVID-19 Pandemic on 4/24/20. Ten days later, 20 year Health Commissioner Mark Wallace resigns. Weld still does not have a Health Commissioner.

Fast forward to Weld Townhall meeting on 5/8/20, lots of softball questions but no mention of COVID-19. Nothing from Kevin Ross who was outnumbered and had fallen into line.

Weld needs to go forward. We need this team. Vote Perry Buck, Krysti Melendez and Lori Sain!

Barry Goldsmith, Greeley